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Website structure

Thanks to the new technologies available nowaday, our website team has been able to give life to this new concept of online shop where, all inside the domain, there are many sites each of them specific to a category of products but with a single cart and without additional shipping costs.

Browsing the site you can choose to enter one of these specialized stores:

Diving and Apnea:




Each store is specialized in one specific selling segment with its own website and with a highly trained and dedicated assistance on the phone or on-line, so that the customer feels at ease without diverting the attention from their own field of interest.

Once you are in one of the specific shop you can return to the main home of the Store anytime you want or through the menu on the horizontal bar you can move from one shop to another with a simple click.

The customer will feel like in a real shopping mall in continuous expansion in the comfort of home.

Stores Home Page

Each site related to a specific sector is structured as a real store with its home page and its navigation menu, offering the customer a unique experience, with over 10,000 products to choose, every day 24/24, completely safe and with respect for customer’s Privacy.