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Secure Payments

The safety of your purchases is one of our top priorities

That’s why we’ve choosen PayPal for credit card payments.

Our web pages are protected by SLL certificates, as you can see surfing on any page of our website: your connection is safe and “https”:

This means that your registration details are encrypted and therefore safe and private.

Our SSL certificate (Secure Sockets Layer, which is a protocol that allows you to transmit informations safety) covers ALL of our domains and ALL of our pages in order to feel safe in your entire navigation on our shop.

Payments by credit card NOT pass through our website but you will pay through PayPal to guarantee maximum security with your transactions.

Finally, the entity that issued our certificates is Actalis Authentication CA G3.


Policies and Forms of Payment
The accepted forms of payment are:

COD: Cash on delivery (only for Italy) involves the addition of the cost of that mark amounted to EUR 5.00, in addition to payment of postage. When you request payment on delivery, It means for cash.

Bank Transfer: (goods will be delivered only after the payment in the bank has been checked)
Once you’ve done the payment, It is necessary to send the details of payment via fax to +39 0574 605434 or via e-mail to

You find the details to make the payment below:

For those who buy from italy:
Banca Unicredit, Agenzia di Via Valentini, 59100 Prato
Iban: IT74X0200821506000102687162

For those who buy from abroad:
Company: BT Line SRL
Bank: Unicredit Bank, Via Valentini, 59100 Prato (Italy)
Iban code: IT74X0200821506000102687162
Swift code: UNCRITM1G37

PostePay: (goods will be delivered only after confirming the payment on Postepay account)
Once you’ve done the payment It is necessary to send the details of payment via fax to +39 0574 605434 or via e-mail to

You find the details to make the payment below:
For those who buy from Italy or from Abroad:

BT Line srl
Poste Italiane
PostePay card: 4176 3106 7973 1441 VAT: 02268730971
Alessio Traversari C.F. TRVLSS79P13G491N

Please remember to enter with the payment via PostePay the extremes of order or the surname of the person who made the payment.

Payment via PAYPAL
with credit card: we have chosen to rely on for our transactions to the Bank account number 1 in the world, as PAYPAL ensures security against fraud at 100% and your credit card or your PayPal account against unauthorized access.

PayPal is a secure online payment method.

Not only It safeguards your personal data, but It offers broad protection against unauthorized payments funded with your account. You will receive a confirmation email For every transaction made with your PayPal account. If you receive a not authorized confirmation of payment, PayPal customer service will help you solve the problem at any time. You can make a payment using your PayPal account or, if you do not have a PayPal account , you can safely and securely pay via PayPal with your credit card.

Failure to complete payment of the full by the due date will result, without prior notice and of notice of the debtor, the assignment in favor of Planet Multi Store of damages resulting from non-performance and the interests of specified lump sum based on the percentage determined in based on the statutory rate determined in accordance with regulations in force (and in particular pursuant to the Legislative Decree . No. 231 /2002) compared to the price including VAT. This clause does not affect the immediate payment of the loan.