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How to Buy

We have created a site where the customer has the full freedom to choose between multiple varieties of payment and delivery.

Buying is simple, fast and totally sure.

Once the product has been inserted into the cart you will be prompted to choose to continue shopping or conclude it going to the checkout.

At this point you will be asked to choose between the following options:

New Customer Sign in: you will be directed to the page with the form to fill out with your own data.
Already signed in: you will be directed to the screen where you can enter your Username and Password
Guest Customer: you will be requested only the data necessary for the conclusion and fulfillment of the order.

Item Description
Click on the Details button to visualize the description of the article of your interest; in this way you will enter in the article card where you will have all the necessary information. In case of variations like color, size, material and more, you will be listed in the summary table on the right.

In case you are undecided about the size of a product, click on “Check Size” button where you can compare your measurements with those supplied by the manufacturer.
After choosing the product by clicking on the Buy button, you have added it to your cart and at this point you can choose to enter the order or continue browsing.

Our online shop allows you to have a single shopping cart for more shops, in order to reduce additional charges or shipping.

The cart is the final stage of each purchase in which you will be asked how to end the purchase by choosing between various forms of payment and withdrawal. In every moment of navigation between the different sites you can always keep track of your shopping cart through the small box that will open each time you pass on the shopping cart icon with the mouse.

At the end of the purchase you will be asked to withdraw the product in the store or sending it by courier.